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The Innovator | Creative Types

Posted on June 30th, 2019

    I took the creative personality profile test that Adobe has on its website. I got the following results, which I find remarkably true and insightful.

    I’d love to know what creative type you are. It’s a really quick test:
    Please do share your results with me!

    Genius in Teamwork

    Posted on November 5th, 2018

    Be openhanded. Practice awareness and humility and know the one who knows. Such teamwork is where magical breakthrough and creativity occurs - at the nexus of conventionality and novelty.

    My friend Michael shared this article. I find it both fascinating and encouraging.

    The best idea should always win

    Posted on June 5th, 2018

    Let’s try to figure out our answer on the front side, but let’s never be closed to a better decision while we still have time.

    Leadership no no

    Posted on July 18th, 2016

    My goal as a leader is to never say "no." Rather even if I know with certainty that "no" is the correct choice, I prefer lead through the situation by considering the possibility of a yes. I try to lay out the best few options that we can see and what the benefits and consequences are from each.

    Most choices to try an enhance a plan requires a choice to abandon another part of it. If someone does pose a truly good idea, we'll all probably agree that it's an improvement. If the culture is created that all ideas are considered, then there will be a better chance of good ideas being offered.

    If change is always squashed, then ideas for improvement will never be revealed and we will die in status quo…

    If an idea is suggested that I know (either because of intuition or previous experience) is a poor choice, I am a better leader if I steer them (be they a subordinate, a peer, or a superior) toward realizing the choice on their own.

    Summarized, I'm the best leader when I am optimistic and disciplined enough to choose not to say "no."

    My Professional Vision & Personal Values

    Posted on December 31st, 2015

    May this next season be a year of flourishing in commitment and execution.

    VISION (This is my professional vision. Any “tentmaking" responsibilities I commit to should support my vision)
    maximizing ideation and strategy
    coaching and revealing beauty to enhance story
    achieving the greatest intersection of stewardship and creativity

    VALUES (a sketch of my personal values that I realize is a filter for me in all I do)
    • Believe in the one who is sent … remember Jesus’ authority; be one who is surrendered … be courageous and without worry
      • John 6:29
      • Matt. 28 ... Gal. 2:19-20 ... John 15
      • Luke 12:31

    • Love with 100% - live with passion & peace … be salt & give grace … The Church Universal - ecclesial community at the fractal level … disciple (and humbly study) in every possible context
      • 1 John 2 ... John 10:10
      • Eph. 1:23 ... I John 1
      • John 16 ... Luke 2:22 ... Titus 2 ... Matt 9:38 pray for the workers

    • Pioneer; be a first follower of the Lord - every new day commune constantly; prayer without ceasing ... be authentic
      • Gal 1:10 ... Psalms 33,40, etc. ... Is. 42 ... Rev. 5
      • Romans 8:26-28 ... I Thess. 5:17

    • Maximize every context and opportunity … stewardship with the purpose of reconciliationinnovate reveal beauty (even if only to the subconscious) with the purpose of redemption
      • Romans 8:6 ... Col. 1
      • John 1 ... John 4:23-24 ... 2 Cor 12:7-10

    Dealership Production Design

    Posted on October 29th, 2015

    Last night we transformed one end of the dealership to celebrate momentum. Red, silver, and white branding is maintained for this main event stage and the rest of the dealership.

    VIPs are enjoying catered small plates. The president and others just completed their speeches. Guests are about to experiment the main event.

    Pre-show look. Lights are slowly strafing across the ceiling above the “stage" that we made. Truss warmers are twinkling white on the silver sticks of vertical truss and anticipation is in the air (or is that haze?)

    I prepared myself in position at lighting control (my Jands Vista S1 - I and/or my console are available for hire/rent) back stage. I transitioned the lights as the intro video played and encouraged the talent to break a leg...
    Actually, I took this shot well after the event just before we tore down - through the veil of the CrushedBlack fabric, you can see the car already on stage - in the moment I was too busy firing off a barrage of lighting effects; as well as cuing dancers, actors, and a driver for their moments of the production.
    I’m really bummed not to have any photos to share of the live number we performed. Hopefully I can get some shots or video from one of the guests. I wish I had thought to set up a GoPro or few to record.

    After the event, I hurried to offer photography to guests as they all wanted to pose with the cast. I managed even to get a #castandcrew shot taken of me (in the coveralls that was part of the branding) with the performers. These guys are great, by the way. If you’re looking for actors and/or dancers (and/or hamsters?) contact me and I can refer you to some great Metro Detroit talent.

    One of my other responsibilities was to take photos of the president and leadership holding their awards at the corporate stage for earlier speeches at far end of the room. This is my view walking back toward the main stage. I share it to give context of the space. Even at the end of the night, the mood still feels good in the transformed dealership.
    Interesting to contemplate that two hours later, everything is packed up and the morning crew will be able to bring cars back into the space for normal operations.

    I think this image is hilarious; this pair of hamsters remained at the ready long after every guest had taken photos and the catering had been cleared.

    It was a fun event. It always is when a producer tells me they want to drive a car on stage!

    My Production Design Algorithm

    Posted on May 17th, 2015

    A stream of thought listing things I consider with every design:

    • Context of organization
    • Context of event
    • What are the “budget" parameters?
      • Cost for the event?
      • Budget for series? for year?
    • Who is on stage?
      • who’s the teacher
      • who’s the worship leader
      • play to their style
    • Topic of the day…series
    • Branding...
      • How do the visuals identify with the mission?
      • Achieve continuity with the rest of communication
    • What are my resources?
      • existing materials?
      • budget for new?
        • I suppose I ought to ask about rental budget; however I’m rarely a fan of such...
      • lighting inventory?
    • What is the rep plot?
      • How do we play to the strengths of the lighting system?
      • A good rep plot is arguably the most important asset to your venue.
      • Certainly right up there with a good PA.
      • The good news is that that it costs way less...
    • What are video requirements?
      • IMAG
      • broadcast
      • camera positions
    • What are audio’s needs? What will help them succeed?
    • who is the producer?
      • What are their visual preferences?
      • what “lens" is the story told?
    • Who is on lights? Maximize their strengths...
    • What is the timeline for setup? for strike?
      • Is it a stage turn situation? If so, what is the design that precedes and follows?
      • How do you design in the timeline of multiple turns?
        • Hang the rig points 2 weeks out
        • hang the truss 1.5 weeks out
        • hang the lights 1 week out and use as backlight for the Midweek stage
        • Finally, hang hard goods and refocus lights in the turn for the target event
        • then hang a screen and soft goods from the same truss in an upcoming design.
    • What are transportation and storage logistical considerations?
    • Who is the crew? What are their strengths and experiences?
      • Artists vs. engineers
    • Materials
      • What materials have been used recently?
      • What materials will the upcoming holiday be using?
      • Use something different than either of these.
    • Mood
      • Honestly more important than materials is the mood.
      • It’s possible to create multiple moods with the same materials.
        • That’s what we do in a series: I brand a series with a palette of materials, and then craft the set for each day to support the unique story of that specific event...
    • Inspiration
      • What is inspiring me recently?
        • Architecture
        • Nature
        • Window displays
        • Trade magazines
        • Cinema
        • Renaissance paintings
        • Industrial dumpster
        • Pinterest
      • What's an archived idea that I might finally have the chance to try?
        • Evernote
          • Anything that inspires me tends to end up in Evernote
          • I use tags such as “design ideas"
      • I hate copying (plagiarism) and go to great lengths to make sure my art is authenticity mine. However, I think being inspired by other designers is completely appropriate.
      • Who can you connect with to bounce ideas off of one another? #ctln
    • Passion
      • I want people to pull their phones out.
      • I take pride in my discipline - the pursuit of creating something beautiful.
      • A design certainly should look good
        • Visual interest, shapes, patterns, textures, Layers, Depth behind every camera angle, etc.
        • However I suggest there are transcendent considerations that can be woven into the scene - metaphor, symbols, numerology, etc. Hide "Easter eggs" - it's fun and it will inspire someone, I promise.
          • break the 4th wall - immerse them in the story
          • target people’s subconscious

    Danny Cox Album Release Concert

    Posted on April 25th, 2015

    It was such a privilege to be part of this event! My friend Danny released his recent album “Fighting for the Beauty" last night. I was honored to be asked to be Production Designer for it.

    I reprised some of my favorite ingredients for this show:
    • Persian Rugs (various sizes and colors from (5’x7.5' all the way to 12’x23')
    • Gothic Chandeliers (custom made for Easter’15)
    • Gothic Lanterns (custom made for Easter’15) on the floor and atop our Iron Candle Stands (custom made many years ago for a Good Friday)
    • ADJ Z7s (LED zoom mover - I love the value of these instruments) atop our custom moving light cages (ask me about these cages sometime)
    • Black Tergalet and Silver Batiste (Rosebrand)
    • Elation 300s (profile mover) and 60s (LED wash mover)
    • And a very generous demo (thank you Advanced Lighting & Sound) of some ADJ beams

    Here’s a phone pic of a nice moment near the end of the set. Hopefully I’ll add a few more from my real camera soon.

    Create something beautiful today

    Posted on March 27th, 2015

    Create something beautiful today.
    Whether a photograph, a spreadsheet, performance art, or leadership moment.
    Make sure to care...

    a journey in pursuit of the higher standard

    Posted on February 27th, 2015

    Sometimes the best path is nonlinear. Process matters. Effective is more important than efficient.

    Life is too short to allow people to cherish the lesser. Break paradigms. Call people to the higher standard.

    Eric Wolfe

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