Eric Wolfe is a visual artist and storyteller. As a Production Designer and Consultant, he has designed over 3000 unique experiences, including stage, film, displays, and live events. He’s currently employed at Ward Church, where as Creative Director he leads the teams the at plan and execute events in every venue. He enjoys additional portfolio of helping craft the vision of what the organization becomes in the next five years and beyond. Eric is passionate about the mission of leading generations to live and love like Jesus.
As Founder and Lead Consultant with EG Productions Eric’s passion for achieving the greatest intersection of stewardship and creativity is realized as he consults and designs for clients across North America. He’s a developer of ideas, maximizer of resources, strategic thinker, and creative innovator. He is deeply fulfilled with the growth and success of individuals and organizations that he coaches.
Eric is an artisan at heart and loves philosophy, photography, backpacking, athletics, and cooking. He and his wife Jessica, and their teenage sons Kadin and Reese reside in Troy, Michigan, with their loyal dog Brooklyn. Friends, family, and travel occupy most of their moments.
You can catch Eric’s sporadic musings at or follow him on social media platforms as @egwolfe.