"foggy dock in the morning sun"

I stopped at a park by my boys’ school on my drive in to work this past fall to photograph this image. A few people have commented on it which prompted my sharing this post. I love the placid hope that I get when seeing this image. You can’t tell for sure what is on the horizon, but you can take a few moments to bask in the glow and be thankful for the beauty of now.

I have my desktop set as my default for all downloads and saved PDFs while I’m in process with them. While I maintain my encouragement of keeping your desktop clean, I should note that files look particularly nice as they load on the right side of the screen!

If you’re interested in using this or any of my other images on your desktop, please ask. I am willing to share certain works for free with watermark - and I sell rights to use digital images as well. I should also remind you that I do also sell limited edition numbered prints of various works as well.