On the laptop, I was liking Evernote. I was also testing ActiveInbox for Gmail. My only problem was having two places for GTD. I was about to go back to just using my basic gmail stars to build triage for later review; and using Evernote as my sole GTD hub…

Then I got the iPad. So great in so many ways. Except for GTD workflow.

Evernote is not that great on the iPad. Certainly not for efficient workflow. It’s clumsy to move tasks from one folder to another i.e. Inbox->Referance or Action->Archive. Also, while I can check off to-do boxes, I can’t create them. It’s still great for capture into the digital "file cabinet" but I think I need a different GTD tool.

ActiveInbox is sadly a no-go, as it only works on a Chrome browser. Neither on iPad Mail, nor on Android for that matter. Plus, it doesn’t work off-line. At least Evernote does that…

I’m looking for a GTD solution that will fit an iPad heavy workflow. My requirements are:

1. Efficient email integration. Personal Gmail and work Exchange.

2. It would ideally also have a web interface.

3. Bonus too would be a cloud synced desktop app - especially if it didn’t cost additional money.

4. Android support, while currently it would be nice, is not a deal breaker. I really could switch to a dumbphone if I had the 3G iPad and didn’t need the Aria for tethering.

5. It must work if I’m offline.

6. Oh, and I would love for calendar integration. Google Calendar for sure, but also my Exchange calendar for anything in the Work Context.

Anyway, I would love your suggestion in this conundrum.

For what it’s worth, I was considering one of the top 3 apps on this list here.

- Pocket Informant HD $9.99*

- Next! $.99*

- OmniFocus for iPad $39.99

*the first two are on sale this weekend (normally $14.99 and $9.99)

I’m open to any suggestions, so please offer them. Thank you.