Scanning an old journal, I came across this bit of encouragement to be who I’m uniquely created to be. My value-add is that, "I bring an unseen potential of ideation to the creative process and I have a unique ability to maximize the product by manipulating resources in a strategic manner."

My encouragement to you who might be reading this: Sped time reflecting on what you enjoy doing. Consider what things you do well either naturally and/or because you have such practice that it has become second nature; and ideally both. I also suggest taking the StrengthsFinder2.0 indicator. I originally penned this journal entry shortly after learning my strength themes - Ideation, Maximizer, Strategic are my top 3. If you can apply your potential in situations where it can be a gift to others, you will be value-add.

Here's to continued growth as a steward of my strengths and opportunities.