So, I'm wanting to get a new camera before going on my backpacking trip to Glacier later this summer. My 20D has given me enough warnings that it's lived past its lifespan and I don't want to have it decide to give up on me the second day on the trail.

Ideally, I want a full size sensor - I'm thinking 5D older gen - though I'm actually contemplating the idea of going mirror-less.

However, to make such a purchase happen, I need to sell my lens (and ideally flash too - I only use them for wedding photography, and really don't do that gig these days) to justify the expense. I think it's the right move. Landscape photography is my primary passion and the wedding lens isn't right for that task...

First, if you know anyone who might be interested in a great lens, please send them my way. Also, I welcome any suggestions you think I ought to consider; so please comment.