I realize that a key to having a blog is regular posts. I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly to post. In the absence of time to create articulated content, I’ve ended up posting nothing. It’s not that I haven’t created anything worth posting; it’s simply that I haven’t put the thoughts to text or uploaded the photos.

One of my reasons for switching to Tumblr as my blog hosting site was the ease of UI and the simplicity of the experience. The best way to cure writers block is to write - anything, something. So why haven’t I?

I desire to have a solid brand. The best way to build a brand at all is to have content. It would be nice if it was at least slightly refined and held at least some purpose. However, I suppose it’s better to start with something at all, otherwise there would be nothing to refine.

I quite often am told that topics I could speak on are interesting and that things I create are fascinating. I honestly remain skeptical that people just say these things to be polite. But that’s another essay altogether.

So, here’s my declaration. I resolve to publish frequently. Even if not fully put together, I will share.

Until determining a brand I will attempt to write posts about how I put together things I create.

Production Design is obvious. It’s what I do professionally. Not many people do it; and therefore it’s something that if people are interested in the subject, they’ll probably want to hear what I have to say.

I don’t want to simply be known by the Production hat I wear. I like a lot of things. Photography to philosophy; sports to cooking. I’ll probably find ways to weave them all in.

Cooking is a great example. I figure if I don’t have time to write and edit a proper blog post, at least I can take a photo of a yummy meal with my phone and perhaps tell what I did to make it…

If I can do that with food (like my post a couple days ago) I can do the same thing with a set design.

…and if I start to post regularly, perhaps it can become a habit.

So here’s to posting something. Please reply and let me know if what you find is interesting to you, and what you’d rather me write about.