August 31, 2011

I’m not going to write for long - because I’m fatigued, full, and actually a little bit frightened. Matt and Mark just turned in for the night and [honestly] it gets a little creepy in the silence of the dark night in the wild backcountry. The fire helps, but let’s be honest: There are a lot of unidentifiable sounds out here.

I want to make sure I don’t forget to write about the magnificent meals Mark prepared for us today. Denver Omelet with Hash Browns, Hot Applesauce, Grilled Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin, coffee … Homemade Jerkey, cheese, Goldfish Crackers, Fruit Roll-up, GORP, dried apricots … Cream of Chicken Soup, Wild Rice with Herbs, fresh trout, and Apple Cobbler! (with coffee of course) All brought in on our backs (except the trout I suppose - though we did bring the fishing equipment) along with the two grills (to cook fish on and hold the pots over the fire).

This is not car camping! It’s better!!