So today was scheduled to be my last day of work before leaving for a backpacking trip to Glacier National Park. If you've been following Jessica's blog ( you know that I'm now going to be on a "staycation" with my family instead…

Regardless of staying home or being away, once I get these last diagrams* finished and posted, I'm turning my KCC email off.

*These are the diagrams left to finish. Mostly, I need to put in the turn notes so it shouldn't take me too long. I'll be striking them through as I finish them so if you're really bored, you can keep this post open in your browser and refresh every so often to track my progress. (Though, if you're that bored, let me know and I'll delegate some things to you.)
  • 130828 midweek stage *DONE
  • 130831&0901 weekend stage *DONE
  • 130904 midweek stage *DONE
  • 130907&08 weekend stage ("not a fan." wk1) *DONE
  • construction diagram for "not a fan." assembly *DONE
  • email to portable campus with my sketch suggesting how they might accomplish it *DONE
Update, you may have noticed that I haven't checked things off yet. I keep adding/doing other things (emails I should send and such) to my list instead of finishing these diagrams. Some odd version of writers block I guess. Soon enough, I'll check the above off. Jessica, in the meantime has opened her computer and turned on The West Wing. Nothing like some good inspiration for creatively getting things done.

Ok, apparently "strike-thru" longer works on my site. I suspect because I switched to using Markdown to allow me to imbed videos. Hmm. I guess I'm going to have to learn how to use Markdown…or I could just give the link to my YouTube page, I guess. Anyway, for now I'm going to keep checking things off. Let's try adding "*DONE" to the end of each line finished in addition to the strike thru I have here in Evernote.