This is a sentence to test how a line of text reads. I'll add this line to see how italics or bold turns out.

This is a photo I imported from my iPad:
Yes, that's me (atop a beautiful pass in the Sierras) in the photo that my friend took using my camera. All rights reserved.

What happens if I want to add a checkbox?
This one is unchecked
This one is
*Checkboxes apparently don't read as anything with so I'm making the edit to the post with this sentence, a strike-through of the original text, and I've now checked both boxes for my Evernote workflow's sake.

Here is a bullet pointed list:
  • Point A
  • Point number 2
  • And finally, D
What if I typed #2 instead of "number 2" above there? Is that how tags happen or do tag them in Evernote tags? I'll test out tags by including "blog" and "photography" (each tags that I already use in Evernote) along with "published" on this note. *So, tags work as well as could be hoped for - whatever is tags (besides "published") I use in the Evernote note, become associated tags in the post searchable from my site. Brilliant! Only downside is that I will have to adjust my workflow a little. Currently I use the tag "blog" for potential blog posts. I've kept that tag on notes even after I've copy/pasted the post to my Tumblr blog. Therefore, I'll need to adjust how I use such tags in Evernote. Not necessarily hard. I'll probably just do something like have a tag "potential blog" and switch it to "published" when I take it live.

That's it for this test.

*Update: Everything seemed to work except for the checkboxes (see strike-through and inline edit in italics). Thus far, I'm liking the vision of how I might use this blogging platform. Here's to more posts as I test out how to incorporate it into a workflow...