Branding - Stage, Graphics, Video, etc - should always derive from the Story.

The author should never write the book based on the title. The publishing company should design (cover art, paper, typeface, etc.) in the best way to sell the story and enhance the experience of reading…only after the author and editor have crafted a story that can stand on it's own.

We as designers should never create until we've read the script or at least talked with the Producer/Director to fully understand the vision. Depending on our experience/maturity we can (and potentially ought to) be ready with concepts based on what we suspect might work, but only if we can hold loosely to our ideas and evolve them with an open mind to complete change. The number of ideas I have moved to the back pocket is probably more impressive than the portfolio of 2,000ish designs that I've executed. A clever design idea is only a good design idea if it helps tell the story well.

Story trumps all.